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Partner Schools

Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAS)

Akros Middle School

Bella Academy of Excellence

Broadway Academy

Capella Institute (The)

Cliff Park High School

Colonial Preparatory Academy

Cornerstone Academy

East Preparatory Academy

Edge Academy

Franklinton Preparatory Academy

Green Inspiration Academy

Groveport Community School

Harrisburg Pike Community School

Harvard Avenue Performance Academy

Haley School (The) 

Hope Academy Northcoast

Invictus HS

Klepinger Community School

Lake Erie International High School


Life Skills Center of Cincinnati

Life Skills Center of Columbus North

Life Skills Center of Columbus Southeast

Life Skills Center of Dayton

Life Skills Center of Elyria

Life Skills Center of Northeast Ohio

Life Skills Center of Youngstown

Life Skills High School of Cleveland

Lincoln Preparatory Academy

Lorain Preparatory Academy of Excellence 

Madison Avenue School of the Arts

Madisonville SMART Elementary School

Marshall High School

Middlebury Academy

Newbridge Math & Reading Preparatory Academy

River Gate High School

Sullivant Avenue Community School

Towpath Trail High School

West Preparatory Academy

Zenith Academy East

Zenith Academy West



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