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Client Spotlight

Take a look at what we have done for other clients:

St. Aloysius Orphanage
Charter School Specialists has been contracted by St. Aloysius Orphanage to provide sponsorship services to the schools under their community school sponsorship.

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Our Services

Charter School Specialists offer services to various organizations involved in the educational field. Our experience covers a range of services. Select the one that describes your organization.

Sponsors (Authorizers) of Charter Schools:

Charter School Specialists has significant experience reviewing charter school contracts for developers and authorizers. Charter School Specialists can provide the necessary recommendations for changes and enhancements to developers and can provide the necessary guidance to authorizers regarding charter school proposals.

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Comprehensive Services for Schools:

Charter School Specialists has provided technical assistance to nearly 80 schools in Ohio and nationally in all phases of operation. Whether your need is in pre-operations, early operations, or ongoing operations, our staff has the experience to provide you with the technical support you need to be successful.

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Charter School Development:

Charter School Specialists are proven experts in charter school development, providing support services, developing partnership opportunities, application development and ongoing school support across the nation. Charter School Specialists is a leading support service provider, state wide sponsor of charter schools, and oversees compliance in Special Education and Federal programs for more than 40 schools. This blend of authorizing, as well as experience in providing direct services to charter schools, uniquely positions Charter School Specialists to provide advice, support, and management to charter school groups and community leaders across the country.

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